In class yesterday, we had a guest speaker come in and talk about spirituality. The presentation was very informative and interesting to me overall. I learned alot about the difference between religion and spirituality. 

Back at home, my family members are strong Christians. Usually, I would just go along with their beliefs because I was taught to never question our belief system. Now that I think about it, i know that I am both a religious and a spiritual person. I believe I can have a balance of both. I can do my day-to-day basis routine based on what I think is right or wrong. 

The guest speaker also talked about taking a day and just shutting yourself out from the world to have some thinking time with yourself. I think I will take his advice. I might even visit the Chapel that he spoke about. It might help me clear my mind and I could also think about where I stand in terms of religion and spirituality in more depth. 

Road Trip Nation and Group Collaboration

Usually when instructors give out group project, everyone is scared because they don’t want to end up with that one person who doesn’t do any of the work.

I can honestly say that this experience has not happened to me this Semester so far. Up to now, I have truly loved the people I’ve been assigned with and we’ve been able to pull it together for the sake of our grade. For my Road Trip Nation group, I have 2 exceptional partners that have helped put our project together 100%. We managed to finish our interviews all in one week and we were connected to each other through text or gatherings after class. Until now we’ve mostly finished our project and if anything we just have a couple of more things left to tweak to turn in our project. I could not have asked for a better group than the one I have now. 

Did You Know 3.0

This video was really shocking to me.The fact that in a few years a computer will be smarter than any human being is extremely scary to me. It makes me think that computers and technology will over power us one day and they will run this world. Even though all of this is scary, I am also aware that it is all very true. This generation is all about technology and that’s where all the high paying jobs are at. If you want a successful career you have to have some grasp on technology and understand it. 

Sexual Health Lesson Plan

After watching the prezi, what do you guys think about sexual health?
Should you take precautions? or avoid the whole situation altogether? Would you abstain?

Also what are some ways to avoid unwanted sexual contact when put into a situation you don’t want to be in?

Would you like for your future husband or wife to be completely clean?

Would you take the risk of getting STDs after this information has been presented to you?

Leave your opinions in a comment

Money Management

For me, I thought budgeting my money was pretty easy. Doing the money exercise made me realize how I wasn’t prioritizing and distributing my money fairly. The exercise also made me realize what exactly I value the most. I hadn’t thought about what I value and how much money I spend on it. Now I know that I should probably spend money on what is really necessary and not spend so much on other stuff that isn’t as important. I am also thinking about having a savings account. That way, if I ever need money and it’s an emergency, I can have some cash disposable at my hand. 

Learning 101

My Learning 101 Session was very helpful. I took the Test-taking skills one and it really helped me in thinking of new ways to study and making the information stick. Some of the things I learned were:

  • Taking a cold bottle of water
  • wearing comfortable clothing
  • Looking for clues in grammar and tenses
  • Eliminating obvious wrong answers

Tips like these will help me in future tests and I will be able to score higher in them. I just have to study ahead of time and not overwhelm myself with so much information.